Are Native Apps the Next BetaMax?

Just like VHS ruined the BetaMax party, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are about to do the same to Native app platforms (iOS and Android). That means a good chunk of the apps on the App Store and Google Play store are going to be replaced by PWAs.

Never heard of a PWA? They are pretty new on the scene and are becoming the go-to development platform because the apps can be downloaded directly from any website. No more stores - just simple url links. Actually, some of those apps on your phone like Instagram and Starbucks are PWAs.

Sounds great, why aren't all apps PWAs?

Well, PWAs do not require a store visit to download, so Apple is pissed and has been fighting really hard to slow-down PWA development. Right now 100% of PWA features work on Android and 90% on iOS. We expect it to be another month or two before PWAs get to 100% on iOS so check back as we are watching this like re-runs of The Office on Netflix. Wonder how long they are going to be around?

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